Feb 11

Speech writing


Lousy speeches is what we all have experienced in our life. Even though we work hard on them, sometimes the audience simply doesn’t buy it. Obviously, it makes one feel frustrated. Yet, what it indicates is that something should probably be changed in they way you are dealing with this task.

Here are major strategies you should keep in mind when you are working on speech writing. To begin with, try to make a good impression. That is the only way to be memorable. Do not copy anyone. Tell your own story instead. Even if the audience remembers one single line or phrase from your speech, it is already a great result. Try to use metaphors, analogies, comparisons and other figures of speech as it will help create vivid images which presupposes that the audience will remember more.

Another important aspect you should pay special attention to is the structure of your speech. The listeners are supposed to see the logical path. They need to know what you are going to dwell upon, as well as the points you want to cover. That is why, it would be quite reasonable to mention that at the beginning of your speech. Try opening with a joke, some interesting statistic data, a shocking fact or a question. In such a way, the audience will pay more attention to what you are about to say. In conclusion, make a strong and impressive ending. Repeat major points and tie everything together. The audience needs to leave having some food for thought. In case you are not sure whether you are able to come up with an unconventional speech within the shortest period of time, contact our academic writing agency and we will help you.

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