Aug 08

Homework sites

Got the task which you do not feel like accomplishing at the moment? Have something else planned for the weekend? Well, you can easily make the studying process much simpler. Obviously, you will find lots of homework sites on the website. However, we have something even more advantageous for you.

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May 27

Essays online

When students have problems with their essay writing tasks, the most common thing to do is to look for some essays online. Well, it is quite reasonable as the Internet is the main source of information these days. Yet, it does not mean that you can use every single resource you come across. The thing is that not all of them are trustworthy.

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Apr 14

Custom term paper

Even though the task of writing a term paper is assigned only twice a year, it may create even more problems than the accomplishment of all other tasks you have been working on for the whole academic year. For this reason, having a backup plan is the most suitable solution to this problem. What we would advise you is to start using our custom paper writing agency. You will see how advantageous our services are when you have neither time, nor desire to work on your paper writing assignment. If that is the case with you at the moment, address your request to us and we will assign one of our expert writers to help you complete it before the deadline.

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Mar 13

College essay format

Dealing with college essay writing? Well, it is not surprising that you might be facing some problems. Some of them will surely touch upon the issue of college essay format which is why you should be aware of all these aspects before you proceed to the actual writing of the paper.

Speaking about two most common formatting styles, there are as follows: APA formatting style and MLA formatting style. APA is usually used to site sources within the field of social sciences while MLA is most commonly used within the liberal arts and humanities. The paper written in accordance with the requirements of the APA style has a title page and an abstract. Besides, the resources used are formatted in a different way as well. The MLA style is usually considered to be easier as there are less requirements to follow. However, some difficulties might occur as well.

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Mar 07

Buy thesis statement

Even though such paper as thesis statement is not so long, it may take a lot of time to complete this task. That is why, it is not surprising that you will be searching for an opportunity to buy thesis statement online.

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Mar 03

Writing an admissions essay

Don’t want to deal with the task of writing an admissions essay? Have other plans for the weekend? Well, there is no need to cancel them as we have a viable alternative for you. Order your paper on the website of our custom paper writing service and go enjoy yourself!

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May 30

Writing services

Essay help, came a long way to liberate the students who were caught in the bondage that was trouble in writing. Before then many students had to grapple with loads of essays and term papers. But times have since changed thanks to the onset of essay help. Essay help comes in many ways just as the problems students face are diverse and widespread. As there are tutorial based ways that have been developed to help students write certain essay types, there are also writing services.
Unlike consultative essay help, writing services are strictly based on the terms of delivering a written document to the client or the student. With writing services, students approach a writing company of their choice with the essay question and the question is assigned a writer. The writer then does the necessary research and writes the essay. This type of essay help is gaining stance and popularity in all corners of the globe. Being self-marketable, there are numerous sites and persons who have joined the writing arena solely to provide writing services.

Writing services are not only confined to essay help but stretch out of these bounds. As there are many types of writing within the umbrella of academics, there had to be a way that they can all be taken care of in one place. Writing services and their providers thus harbor a number of well-trained writers. In a nut shell, essay help is dynamic and encompasses a number of approaches including writing services. On the other hand, writing services can be said to contribute to the highest number of essay help accorded to students the world over.

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May 14

Lasarte Restaurante

A restaurant is an entity that offers the service of food and drinks preparation and serves it to customers in exchange for money. This money is paid either before the meal or after the meal. The meals can be either be served and eaten on the premises or given as take out and food delivery services. The term restaurateur comes from a French verb restaurer, which means to restore. A man called Boulanger is the founding father of the modern restaurant. He sold soups called restorantes in an all-night tavern on the Rue Bailleul. In 1767, he challenged the law that said hotels could only serve food and not soup. He won the lawsuit and opened his restaurant called Le Champ d’Oiseau. However, the first restaurant originated in France and was called the public dining room. It consisted of patrons sitting at a table and were served individual portions. It was founded by a man called Beauvillers. This was done three years after Boulanger won the lawsuit.
Opening a restaurant like any other project requires careful planning, which includes identifying the need for the service or opportunity. Other steps include writing a solid business plan, getting a highly qualified staff. The type of restaurant, location, budget and investment criteria, availability of raw materials, types of cuisine, planning a menu, staff recruitment and promotional strategies and marketing should also be considered.
The Lasarte restaurant at the hotel Condes in Barcelona was opened in January 2006 and was awarded its second Michelin star in November 2009. Lasarte has the best team of professionals working to delight its diners with its aroma and flavor. The restaurant’s Barcelona essence is shown by large murals on the Pseo de Gracia. The restaurant is named after the town of Lasarte where the Basque chef opened his first restaurant. Lasarte is located in the Centre of the city, and it is a peaceful place where all five senses enjoy dishes prepared with the best produce and a desire to strive for excellence in showing the passion given to every meal.
The restaurant is characterized by its elegance and intimacy. Between the bright main dining room and the second versatile dining room, which can be reserved, it only seats 30 diners. Their recipe for success is work, strive, observe, thrill, improve, listen, excite, think, talk, imagine, inspire, decorate, taste, pamper, reflect, research-work contentedly, eagerly and intuitively to convey the flavors of great meals.
Lasarte follows nature rules in preparation of meals. Lasarte has an obsession, which is to use the best produce of the sea and the seasons, and change it into a meal. In Lasarte, each dish is created passionately, respectfully and carefully.
Their menu offers a variety of cuisines. Their red prawns, which comes directly to the restaurant from fishing boat. Lasarte’s chefs serve them with a sea urchin flan bathed in sheep’s milk caviar. The aim is to recreate the sea in the minds of clients diners inundating the palate with flavors and sensations. Achieving the second Michelin star brought great pride, but where Lasarte really strive to shine is in the restaurant dining room, and get rewarded by seeing their guests dazzle them with their smiles of pleasure after enjoying their meal.
Lasarte has a hard working team from the chief chef who leads as others follow him diligently. Paolo Casagrande is the chef de cuisine. He combines his own innovatively created dishes with Martin Berasategui’s classic to create unique dishes for Lasarte. His career has been characterized by his great commitment, consistency and high levels of hard work.
Joan Carles Ibáñez and his team connect the kitchen’s and the dining room, their purpose is to make and sustain a harmony that flows in all areas. These preparations are designed to be sampled in 3 or 4 bites; otherwise we would lose the intention with which they were created.

Lasarte Restaurante Menu
Lasarte has a menu that serves for its diverse clientele. It Oyster that has been lightly smoked on the grill, soft cream of Figueres, small squid ragout and crispy tubers € 24.
Crispy bacon, stuffed zucchini, Iberian cured ham soup and Parmesan cheese cracker € 21.
Curd cucumber, trout tartare and tangerine and caviar € 49.
Beef steak slices tempered on foie gras curd, mustered ice cream and iodized salad € 25.
Lasarte has an unique set of starters to satisfy the needs of their customer. The starters menu is given below:
Gran Reserva of Iberian cured ham € 28.
Petals with lettuce cream and sprout, herbs as well as vegetable leaves salad and lobster € 28.
Toasted butter with home yolk, black truffle toast, cauliflower, piment d’Espelette with crunchy black garlic € 26.
Lasartes tasting menu is exquisite and it is as given below:
Tangerine, curd cucumber and trout tartare.
Small squid ragout and crispy tubers, oyster lightly smoked on the grill with soft cream of Figueres.
Herbs, sprouts, vegetable salad and petals with lobster and lettuce cream.
Mustered ice cream iodized salad and tempered beef steak slices on foie gras curd.
Turbot cooked on low-temperature and placed on paprika marmalade and onions, braised endive with black olives and barnacles tarama.
Ragout of pork, roast pigeon, interiors toast, tomato and lemon with apple cream.
Lemon-grass ice cream, yogurt and melon caipirinha with jelly.
Frozen coffee crème with French toast and plum compote.
Balsamic raw tuna with cold vegetable minestrone, green apple infusion and basil sorbet
False urchin risotto, scented vanilla crayfish and wild fennel.
Lasarte Restaurante Contacts
For enquiries, it is advisable to contact Lasarte through their phone number: (34) 93 445 32 42, Fax: (34) 93 445 32 32 or their email address at
Opening Hours
Tuesday – Saturday
1:30pm – 3:30pm / 8:30pm – 11pm
Lasarte is closed on public holidays, Sundays and Mondays.

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Apr 24

Priority recovery goal

Bush fires are common phenomena to our society. People are either victims or have come across through any means with bush fire news. In one way or the other, bushfires have been heardfrom the media in various parts of the world. They are a tragedy and if not well addressed may cause great and significant loss of human lives.
1. After the fires were controlled and the most critically ill residents were transported to the hospital, Wayne began recovery efforts. What is Wayne’s priority recovery goal for this population? What steps should Wayne take to reach this goal? Discuss.
To be able to address Wayne’s case, there is of understanding this topic and case in detail. Bush fires may occur at any period but mostly they are accelerated by windy conditions. The main duty to be done would be to come up with a recovery plan for the victims affected. This can be done in a step by step format to ensure that the program meets its required target. This can be done through the following procedure;
Financial aid programs
Wayne as the first step can begin by soliciting for financial aid. It is agreeable that it can be quite challenging to perform any tasks without the support of funds. Wayne can draft a sound proposal and apply for financial aid from the government to be able to run the activities required. A well drafted plan will attract support both from well wishers, the government and nongovernmental organizations
Recovery projects
Through these funds, Wayne can establish projects which will generate more revenue to support the bushfire victims. Some of these projects may be public community facilities such as footstalls which will raise income for the affected.
Construction aid
Wayne may also use the funds received for construction purposes. He may solicit the help of construction companies to help re establish buildings such as houses, stores and shelter for animals which have been destroyed by fire.
Group programs
Wayne can also oversee that the affected parties form support groups. These groups will be of importance when labor is required. Take for instance in the constriction of houses, the groups can work together and build once more houses from one individual’s premise to the other and this will ensure uniform recovery.
2. Wayne performs psychosocial assessments on the wildfire victims. Which victims are more likely than others to need crisis intervention? Discuss.
The bushfire tragedy affects the entire household but the pinch is felt more by the lower class individuals. This is so because they are not able to obtain funds to put them back to the initial financial position.

Other affected victims are the women and children. They are most affected psychologically. This is so because most of them are weak emotionally and the incident bears a great impact in their lives.
3. Wayne is worried about the major health concerns after a disaster and how they may affect his community. What are some of these major health concerns? What can Wayne do to improve the health concerns? Discuss.
Bush fires have the ability to cause air pollution. They release extremely chocking and toxic pollutants to the environment. Bushfires also destroy the air quality of the environment and in most cases it stimulates production of carbon monoxide gas which is very lethal. The victims located near the fire are exposed to long term diseases such as respiratory problems and also the normal functioning of the lungs reduces. The smoke from the fire may create sore throats, extreme coughing and also constant running nose.
Wayne needs to ensure that the people take the following precautions to ensure their safety in bushfire incidents; Remain indoors and close all the outlets, Ensure that your nose is covered through a mask, Keep away from vigorous activities, Put on sturdy footwear and insulated gloves, Wear face masks. These precautions will ensure that the victims remain safe and will not be harmed by the bushfire effects such as smoke.

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Apr 04

Greyston Bakery Financial Position

Over the years the Greyston Bakery organization has been financing its operations from the revenues it generates from its commercial activities, investment dividends and contributions from its members (Greyston, 2012). This is due to its nature as a non-profit making organization in the bakery industry. Consequently, the revenue it generates is allocated to community projects that targets individuals earning low income and their families. The organization’s financial position currently compared to previous five years has been growing. The rate at which the revenue has been growing has reduced over the past five years (Greyston, 2012). Compared with other competing organizations in the bakery industry, the company’s revenue generation is well guarded.
Similarly, the liquidity ratio of the organization currently reveals that the organization is not threatened in servicing current debts. The financial liquidity ratio shows that the ratio stands at 2.4: 1(Greyston, 2012). Nevertheless, over the last five years the organization has struggled to meet the liquidity ratio threshold. This meant that the organization strength of servicing current obligations was highly difficult.
Current assets (2013) = $767
Current liabilities (2013) = $313
Liquidity ratio = 867:413 = 2.49:1
Current assets (2008) = $521
Current liabilities (2008) = $279
Liquidity ratio = 521:279 = 1.87:1
Current assets (2009) = $544
Current liabilities (2009) = $281
Liquidity ratio = 544:291 = 1.86:1
Current assets (2010) = $551
Current liabilities (2010) = $300
Liquidity ratio = 551:300 = 1.83:1
Current assets (2011) = $578
Current liabilities (2011) = $308
Liquidity ratio = 569:304 = 1.87:1
Current assets (2012) = $696
Current liabilities (2012) = $347
Liquidity ratio = 696: 347 = 2:1
The solvency ratio of the organization in meeting long-term obligation has been analysed. Owing to the nature of the organization as a nonprofits making organization and depending on its own net income as well as contributions, the organization’s solvency ratio has maintained a healthy record throughout the last five years. This is indicated in the calculation of the solvency ratios below.
Net income (current) = $ 10,417
Long-term liability = $51,026
Solvency ratio = [(10417/51,026)]*100 = 20.42%
However, the solvency ratio in the whole industry has been low. Indeed, the solvency ratio of the industry currently and over the last five has been lower than 20% which is the recommended threshold (Foundation Centre, 2013).

This implies that the industry has the potential of defaulting in meeting long-term obligation when they fall due.
Net income (industry) = $284,539
Long-term liability = $2,438, 214
Solvency ratio = [(284,539/2,438, 214)]*100 = 11.67%
A deeper scrutiny of the organization’s revenue generation shows past investments contributes a significant portion of 7.9%. However, in 2008 to 2011 the company dependence on its own investment was lower compared to 2012 as shown in the calculation. This observations have also, been reflected in the whole industry. In 2012, the annual revenue collection in the bakery industry amounted to $1.67 million (Foundation Centre, 2013). The revenue collection attributed from the past investments amounted to $75,000 which is equivalent to 4.7%. However, a cumulative addition of the revenue collection that has been raised over the last five years reveal that past investment interest revenue attributed to merely 2.2%.
Total revenue (2012) = $48,597
Dividends = $3858
Percentage = (48,597/3858)*100 = 7.9%
Total revenue (2011) = $41,392
Dividends = $3,036
Percentage = 7.33%
Total revenue (2010) = $37,048
Dividend = $2058
Percentage = 5.5%
Total revenue (2009) = $35,000
Dividend = $1384
Percentage = 3.95%
Total revenue (2008) = $29,000
Dividend = $1037
Percentage = 3.58%

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