Mar 22

Essay on the Springfield Race Riot of 1908: what were the causes and/or effects?

The Springfield Riot was a mass action that aimed at lynching two African Americans who were suspected in the assault of two white women. The case occurred in August 1908, in Springfield, Illinois. Local community greatly mistrusted black Americans, and people gathered to make justice after the assault incidents had been reported.

The mob came to the police officer and demanded to give them the two suspects, one of whom was a local factory worker, and the other one – a vagrant. The police, in their turn, did not respond to the action and moved the suspects to a safe place. This, however, did not stop the mob.

The actual riot started as furious people found two other black men in the area, who had no evidence of being guilty in the assaults. The mob lynched the two black men and went on crushing homes and property of all the black people in the community.

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