Mar 23

Essay on the Black Sox scandal: what caused the players to participate?

The scandal around the defeat of everyone’s favorite White Sox Chicago baseball team to the Cincinnati Reds in October 1919 for the first time raised the question of the conspiracy in sports. A group of gamblers appeared to have paid the White Sox to lose in the 1919 World Series, making it the dark chapter in the US baseball history.

According to the materials that remained after the trial on the so-called “Black” Sox, they have agreed to a fix offered by gamblers. The latter were initially skeptical about the fix, but as they approached some of the Sox, the team agreed to lose in exchange for a paycheck of $100,000.

The motives of players still remain unknown to historians. As court materials have mysteriously vanished, the juries had no other option but to clear baseball players of all charges. Nevertheless, baseball’s first commissioner Kenesaw Mountain Landis permanently banned the Sox from playing professional baseball.

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