Feb 06

College admission policies

College admission is a process of applying to an educational institution. The admission policy depends on the type of college or university you have chosen. Yet, there are some general aspects to take into account. Here are the most common types of college admission policies.

Open – all high school graduates or GED holders are enrolled until the program’s capacity is reached. Liberal – popular among two-year colleges and accepts all high school graduates or GED holders, although some difficult programs may require additional tests. Traditional – top 50 percent students of their class are accepted. Selective – those who are accepted are in the top 25 percent. Highly selective – only those students are accepted who belong to the top 10 percent of their high school graduation class.

The idea that standardized tests are less important for a committee when making a decision has become quite popular these days. Yet, it is not quite true. What is more, it is exactly the opposite as they rely on standardized test scores far more than in the recent past. Detailed information regarding college admission policies as well as various admission aspects is available at … ordercustompaper.com

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